About Us

eLearning Plus is an innovative learning development company with a desire to help you become a Smarter Business. We have the skills, knowledge and experience to support all of your learning needs.

We understand the challenges when it comes to learning in the workplace. If you want motivated learners, the content has to be relevant, engaging, interactive and well delivered. In short, they need a positive learning experience and this is our top priority

What makes us Different?

  • We want to be a partner rather than a supplier
  • We are ready to challenge, advise and give an honest, unbiased view of what is best for your business and learners
  • We have in-house course creation, video production, animation and audio capabilities
  • We invest significantly in R&D to advise you appropriately on learning developments
  • We understand the challenging world of cross device learning delivery
  • We have our very own LMS platform – the courses here use it