Course Instructions

My Account

This will take you to your dashboard, where you will access various TABs dependent upon whether you are a Group Leader, a nominated learner or an individual learner. The TABs are outlined below:

Learning Hub

This is where you will access courses that you have purchased or been nominated for. Simply click the specific course to access the learning modules. This area will also enable you to see the completion status for each courses and the certificates that you have achieved.

Orders and Subscriptions

These TABs provide an overview of any orders and subscriptions that you have purchased.


If you have purchased download items, these will be available from this TAB.

Account Details

This TAB will allow you to reset your password.

Using the Courses:

  • Please click the Learning Module link in the Lessons and the Learning module will begin to load.  When the Learning Module loads you can choose to use it as is or click the “Go Fullscreen” button. If you use “Go Fullscreen”, use the ESC key on your computer to exit “Fullscreen”.
  • At any time you can close and open the Content List within the learning Module using the 3 vertical lines icon (often referred to as the hamburger icon) in the top left hand side.
  • Most modules includes an assessment, which takes you through a range of questions based on the materials you will cover in the Learning Module.  You will need to achieve a score of 80% to pass the course and attain your certificate.
  • Work through each lesson and then click the “Mark Complete” button when you have completed the material in the lesson. This ensures the LMS (the Learning Management System you are using) registers your lesson completion