Group Purchases

Groups or Individual Button on purchase?

You should purchase courses either as an individual or for a group. If you are buying for yourself then click the individual button underneath the price when you purchase the course. Please note that when you purchase your courses, you purchase a licence subscription for a number of learners. This is an annual subscription and you will be notified when the subscription is due for renewal.

If you are buying for an organisation or several people, then click the group button. If you want to be able to add further learners and purchase other courses for your organisation then you must check the group button before purchasing.

If you buy for an organisation (Group), you have special abilities as a Group Leader when you log into “My Account”.

You can purchase further courses and can also extend the number of learners. Please note that any extra learner numbers  you purchase, will be against another subscription.  All of this can be managed from your account. You will have access to a number of sections which are explained below.

My Account

This will take you to your dashboard, where you will access various TABs dependent upon whether you are a Group Leader, a nominated learner or an individual learner. The TABs are outlined below:

Learning Hub

This is where you will access courses that you have purchased or been nominated for. Simply click the specific course to access the learning modules. This area will also enable you to see the completion status for each courses and the certificates that you have achieved.


If you are a Group Leader, this section enables you to view your learners, courses and information on their progress. You can look at an overview of all courses and learners and can then drill down into individual courses and learners. You can also export a CSV file of this data. Please note that this data must be handled responsibly as per GDPR legislation and your data protection responsibilities.

Group Management

Underneath this TAB, there is a drop-down which will display your course subscriptions. For course subscriptions, the drop down menu will allow you to choose your subscription and view how many user registrations you have left against that subscription.

The table below this shows the learners you have already enrolled and further down you can add further learners where you have licences available. You can add learners either individually or via a CSV file. The CSV file must be in a certain format for upload and there is a a SAMPLE CSV FILE available for you to download – amend and then upload if required.

Orders and Subscriptions

These TABs provide an overview of any orders and subscriptions that you have purchased.


If you have purchased download items, these will be available from this TAB.

Account Details

This TAB will allow you to reset your password.