The Personal Development Learning Pathway

£300.00 (exc VAT)

The range of Personal Development courses we offer improves the effectiveness and performance of your team. The Personal Development Pathway provides access to all the courses below for 12 months for a low one off cost. Once your payment is confirmed, we will set you up in the system and email your login details.


Many personal development courses focus on the individual’s non-professional life, but our courses have been developed to contribute positively to your organisation’s business results as well as developing the individual

A more effective and performant workforce drives improvements across the business, aids employee motivation and gives you an advantage over your competitors.


  1. Productivity and Time Management
  2. Effective Communication
  3. Conflict Management
  4. Negotiation and Influencing People
  5. Be Assertive the Right Way
  6. Managing Stress
  7. Developing Resilience
  8. Coaching Skills
  9. Emotional Intelligence
  10. Business Writing Tips