The Policy and Compliance Learning Pathway

£300.00 (exc VAT)

This is often a necessary obligation and organisations need to prove that employees have taken appropriate training.


Because compliance training is often seen as a “tick-box” activity, companies often do not spend a lot of time designing engaging course content which is a big mistake.

We create policy and compliance training that’s not just “press play and go for coffee”, but contextual and meaningful, using a variety of techniques and formats. Getting this right helps you avoid legal problems that may result from non-compliance.


  1. Anti-Money Laundering
  2. Anti -Bribery
  3. Security and Privacy Controls
  4. Subject Access Requests
  5. IT Security for the Remote Worker and Business Traveller
  6. Mobile and Portable Device Security
  7. Cyber Security Risks and Social Media
  8. Freedom of Information Act
  9. Prevent- Preventing Radicalisation & Extremism
  10. Know Your Customer